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Resident Feedback Group Headlines 2014


Codford 2nd July 2014, Upavon 22nd July 2014, Wanborough 24th September 2014, Bromham 21st October 2014.

Fifty three tenants attended the four meetings and took part in discussions regarding value for money, service delivery, improvements and priorities.

Tenants from Winterslow also had an independent meeting which they ran themselves.

There is a firm consensus amongst tenants that WRHA overall service is excellent.

All tenants felt they got value for money in relation to the rent they pay and the services they recieve.  This was quantified with scores given of 9 or 10 out of 10.

In general tenants are satisfied with the quality of their home.  Some tenants mentioned that their homes are now getting "tired".

Tenants are not completely satisfied with their neighbourhoods and mentioned issues that need addressing like the main road outside their homes, drug use in nearby properties, parking issues, too many cats and unkempt communal grounds.

Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance varied.  Tenants are happy with the reporting and ordering process. There was some discontent over workmanship, failing to return to complete work and too many call-backs in order to complete the same repair.  However, many tenants said that Contractors we use were very good and represented good value for money.  Where quantified scores of 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 were given.

Tenants generally agreed that WRHA listens to their views and acts upon them.  Tenants recalled examples of when decisions had been made based on their feedback.

There was consensus from most tenants that they would like to see improvements to their properties - these primarily are new windows, doors and bathrooms.  They would also like better notice for cyclical redecorations.

Tenants expressed general satisfaction with the value for money they recieve and clarified this in terms of the polite efficient service from staff, the level of rent they pay, good neighbourhoods and very good response repairs service.

Belinda Eastland, 11th November 2014



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