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Emergency repairs out of hours call:07623 945 292
Heating & hot water repairs (Wiltshire & Swindon tenants only) call:07798 641 950
Air source heat pump repairs out of hours call:07788 917 044

How to deal with Repairs

Reporting a Repair

If you have a repair you should report it to the Association by telephoning the office on 01380 850916. If you have an emergency out of office hours or when the office is unattended you can telephone. (See Emergency contact no.).

You will need to identify yourself as a tenant of White Horse Housing Association. This service is only for emergencies and all other repairs should be reported to the office in the usual way.

You will receive a copy of the order placed, which will include a target date for the repair. The contractor will contact you direct to make arrangements to carry out the work.

Day to Day response times for repair items.

We use three categories now P1, P2 and P3 with either Sherston Property Services, Ultra Warm or 3 Solutions. 

These can be regarded as the normal response times for a particular repair request.  Variances can and will be made depending on circumstances, age and type of tenant, safety, security or emergency criteria etc.

Please bear in mind that if you arrange an attendance date which is outside the number of days for a particular category then the order will be moved to the next category - for example from a P1 to a P2 or from a P2 to a P3.

The Association will give the following priorities to repairs:


These can be defined as any repair which puts the health, safety or security of the tenant or a third party at immediate risk or which affects the structure of the building adversely.  Emergencies will be responded to within 4 hours of the defect being reported.  Any 'essential' follow up work to be completed within 24 hours.


  • total loss of heating or hot water between November 1st and March 31st
  • gas leak - this may require a call to the Gas Emergency number
  • major water leak that leaks into your home
  • blocked main drain, soil pipe or sole WC
  • total loss of electricity supply that is NOT a power cut
  • breaches of security to the ground floor windows or entrance doors
  • unable to gain access to your home (lost keys will be recharged)
  • bad fire, flooding or storm damage
  • dangerous electrical fault or unsafe electrical fitting

Note: Where the tenant falsely reports a repair that requires a Priority One response the Association will seek to recharge the tenant the cost of the 'call-out' charge, unless exceptional circumstances exist.


These can normally be considered as repairs which are likely to lead to further deterioration of the building, or a severe loss of service to the tenant, if the problem persists.

Repairs should normally be dealt with within 5 working days of the defect being reported.


  • total loss of heating or hot water between April 1st and October 31st
  • partial loss of water - for example no water to the bathroom
  • loss of electrical power or lighting to one whole floor
  • leak from heating or hot water system
  • offensive or racist graffiti
  • blocked sinks, baths, basins or toilet if there is more than one toilet
  • urgent repairs to joinery such as stair treads, hand rails
  • serious hazards that could cause trips or falls internally or externally
  • faulty taps, toilet cisterns or overflows running


These are repairs which do not fall into any of the above categories and which can be deferred without serious discomfort, inconvenience or nuisance to the tenant or third party.

There is no target time scale for the completion of these repairs.  Instead, the timescale will be the mutually agreed appointment the contractor makes with the tenant.  Contractor performance will be measured by the number of appointments made in this category and the number of them kept.  The Association will also monitor the number of repairs completed satisfactorily at the first visit and the level of tenant satisfaction with the service.


  • Minor plumbing leaks including dripping taps, overflows etc
  • hot water or heating breakdown economy 7
  • minor electrical faults such as loss of power to 1 room or fitting
  • minor roof leaks
  • door or window lock faults where there is no loss of security
  • repairs to doors, windows and floors, general joinery
  • repairs to plaster or tiling
  • repairs to kitchen fittings
  • external repairs of all kinds that do not pose a risk
  • easing of doors and windows, draught proofing
  • faults to extractor fans
  • repairs to dripping taps or showers
  • non security glazing
  • repairs to rainwater goods, block gutters and downpipes
  • repairs to external drains
  • repairs to fencing or gates
  • heating faults that do not effect supply
  • hot water faults that do not effect suppy
  • assessment of condensation or dampness and treatment of black mould
  • security of internal doors or repairs to window furniture
  • non racist or non-offensive graffiti
  • repairs to external walls, fences and paths
  • masonry or roof tile repairs
  • estate and garden works
  • other routine day-to-day repairs that are not urgent

Appointments will be offered to all tenants and will be agreed with the contractor at a time and date that best suits them.  Appointment slots offered will be one of the following - an 'am' appointment (8am to 12noon), a 'pm' appointment (12noon to 4.30pm) or a 'school-run' appointment for those parents with young children (after 9.30am and before 2.30pm).

Note: Where a tenant fails to be available for their appointment on two separate occasions, (without good reason), the Association will consider charging the tenant a fee equivalent to the cost to the contractor of attending the property.

The following items are not considered to be the landlord's responsibility and tenants will be required to arrange for these to be carried out at their own expense.  The Association will not not normally undertake this work.

  • chimney sweeping (except in Kilmersdon)
  • replacement locks where keys have been lost
  • repair of inoperative doorbells
  • replacement of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • vermin or pest control
  • repairs to structures, fixtures and fittings installed by the tenant
  • glazing repairs where broken from inside or by damage


The Right To Repair

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you have the Right to Repair and the Association has certain obligations to carry out repairs within a set timescale.

In some circumstances, if the Association fails in its duty to attend to an Emergency (priority 1) or Urgent (priority 2) repair within the specified time, and after a further request from the tenant again fails to complete the work within a second specified period, you may be entitled to compensation from the Association. This will only apply to repairs which cost no more than £250.

Compensation will be £10, plus £2 per day (up to a maximum of £50) for every day the repair remains outstanding at the end of the second period. Compensation would be subject to the tenant having no outstanding rent arrears.

The Right to Repair will not apply if you have failed to provide access.

Please note, it is acceptable for the Association to carry out temporary repairs within the set time limit and return later to complete the work.



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