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Void Repairs

Ending your Tenancy and Void Works - what happens

When you decide to move to a new home and end your tenancy there are various steps that take place to allow this to go smoothly, both for you, and the incoming tenant.

Once your 'written notice' has been received the first thing that happens is that a member of the Operations Team will arrange a visit to your home in the first week of the notice period.  A survey of the house is carried out and any repairs, maintenance or redecorating that you are responsible for is noted and agreed with you on the End of Tenancy Form.

The house must be left in a fully letable condition regardless of the condition when you moved in.  All our tenants are expected to leave their house fully cleaned, clear of any rubbish etc. and with the decorating to a suitable standard for the new tenant.

Any items or fixtures you have fitted may have to be removed and the house put back into its original condition.  Any items you own like flooring, light fixtures and garden sheds that you are taking are noted, as are any suitable items that you may choose to leave.  This could include curtains curtain rods, carpets, light fixtures etc.  Sometimes good condition flooring or appliances or a garden shed can be sold or 'gifted' to the new tenant.

Usually on the last Friday of your tenancy the Operations Manager will arrange to visit again to check and make sure that all work you agreed to has been done satisfactorily and to pick up a set of keys.  We will also take meter readings and collect a forwarding address.

PLEASE NOTE: If the work agreed to has not been done or is to a poor standard then a recharge for the work necessary to bring the house up to a letable condition will apply.  It is your responsibility to leave the house clean, clear and tidy and fit to move into.

Once the property is empty we carry out various void works before a new tenant moves in.

If there is gas in the property then a gas safety check is done.  This is only to make sure the gas installation is safe, it is not a service to the boiler.  A full electrical test is performed, to make sure that all the electrical system is safe and functioning properly.  Any illegal wiring alterations would be picked up and removed or repaired at this time.

We will fit new toilet seats as well as changing the entrance door locks.  Also during this time we do any catch up repairs that are the responsibility of the Association, but were not reported by the previous tenant before they moved out.  This is to allow the new tenant to move into as problem free home as possible.  If we do miss something, this will be taken care of under our normal day to day repairs system.

Sometimes if there are some minor decorations needed the new tenant will be given a decorating voucher at prescribed amounts depending on which, and how many, room(s) are affected.

When the Operations Team visit the new tenant to sign them up then at that time any decorating allowance would be given along with the keys to the property.  They will ask the new tenant to sign for these as well as to sign acceptance for any items the outgoing tenant has agreed to leave.

Meter readings will be taken and passed on.

We expect a property to be void for no more than two weeks (15 calendar days).




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