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Allocations Policy

White Horse Housing Association was set up in 1984 to provide affordable housing for local people in housing need, regardless of their race, sexual orientation or religion.  The Association offers tenancies to people who a local connection to the communities where our properties are located (see 'Lettings Criteria' below), or have special reasons for wishing to move there in accordance with the terms of any Section 106 (or similar) Planning Agreement, or other agreement relevant to that development.

Tenancies will be offered after consideration of all aspects of the applicant's housing need, including actual or impending homelessness, overcrowding, lack of facilities, poor conditions or difficulty in obtaining suitable housing locally.

The Association is, only where an appropriate support/care package is in place, able to offer tenancies to those who are unable to lead independent lives.  It does not provide wardens or sheltered accommodation.

The Local Authorities where our homes are located will be invited to submit names from their waiting lists for consideration by the Association. Particularly with regard to local connections, nominees must comply with the Association's lettings criteria.  At least 75% of tenancies will be offered to people on the Local Authority waiting list.  Applicants will be advised to apply to join their local authority 'housing register' when they apply to the Association. The Councils will be required to provide the Association with all relevant information at nomination stage to enable full consideration to be given to each application.

The Association lets all of its vacant properties through the Choice Based Lettings Schemes administered by the local authorities, but the Association’s lettings criteria will still apply to all applicants.  Follow the links below to register. 

If you wish to fill out one of WHHA Application forms click here.  By filling out one of our application forms you will be entered onto our own waiting list and we will then notify you when a vacancy is being advertised through the various choice based lettings schemes.

Links as follows:

www.homes4wiltshire.co.ukWiltshire CouncilTel: 0300 456 0104
www.swindonhomebid.org.ukSwindon Borough CouncilTel: 01793 445503
www.homefindersomerset.co.ukMendip District CouncilTel: 0300 303 8588
www.homesearchbathnes.org.ukBath & North East Somerset CouncilTel: 01225 394041

The Association is only able to consider rehousing owner-occupiers where there are special circumstances which make it impossible for them to buy suitable local housing on the open market.

Accommodation constructed specifically for the elderly will be let to people over state retirement age or those with a disabled.   In the case of a couple, only one person need be over retirement age or disabled. If a property cannot be let then people over 55 years of age can be considered.

All the factors contributing to housing need will be evaluated according to the Association's points system.  Tenancies will be offered to those in greatest need, bearing in mind that the Association must make the most efficient use of its housing stock and achieve stable communities and sustainable tenancies.

Tenants will be issued with a Starter or Probationary Tenancy that will automatically convert to an Assured Tenancy at the end of 12 months provided the tenancy has been maintained in a satisfactory way. 

The Association will make every effort to offer or obtain alternative accommodation for families whose homes have become overcrowded.

Property maybe allocated to members of staff, members of White Horse Housing Association Ltd, and their close relatives in accordance with the exemptions outlined in Schedule 1 to the Housing Act 1996 and any Homes and Communities Agency directives.

As far as is practical, every effort will be made to help tenants who are suffering from domestic violence or harassment (including racial harassment), to find alternative accommodation with the help of other agencies.

All tenancies offered to couples will be joint tenancies.


Exchanges between tenants will be allowed where the incoming tenant has a local connection and meets the Association's own criteria, so long as both parties have written permission from their landlords.

White Horse Housing Association may not be able to consent to an exchange where the incoming tenant does not have a local connection.  However, it will do all it reasonably can to facilitate a move for the existing tenant.

Lettings Criteria

Prospective tenants will need to be able to satisfy the Association that at least one of the following criteria has been met before any offer of accommodation can be made:

  • The applicant, or at least one of the applicants where there is a joint application, currently lives in the village where the vacancy has occurred.
  • The applicant, or at least one of the applicants where there is a joint application, has previously lived in the village where the vacancy has occurred for a considerable period of time.
  • The applicant, or at least one of the applicants where there is a joint application, has close family members, such as parents, siblings or children currently living in the village where the vacancy has occurred.
  • The applicant, or at least one of the applicants where there is a joint application, works in the village where the vacancy has occurred.

If the property cannot be let an applicant or at least one of the applicants where there is a joint application meeting the above criteria for an abutting parish can be considered.

If the property still cannot be let an applicant/ or at least one of the applicants where there is a joint application meeting the above criteria for the Council area as a whole can be considered. The Council boundaries applicable at the time the property was either built or acquired will be applied where unitary authority status has been introduced.



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