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Housing Management

Welcome to your new Residents' Handbook

Your landlord is White Horse Housing Association Ltd.

Your home is owned by the Association, and is not currently subject to the Right to Buy.

What is a Housing Association?

Housing Association's, also known as Registered Providers, are non-profit making bodies which receive money from central government to provide accommodation to those in need.  This is done by either modernising sold sub-standard properties or building new.  As the Association is funded by central government (via an agency called the Homes and Communities Agency), it is accountable to them for the money it spends, the building standards it achieves and the rent charged.  The Association is run by an unpaid voluntary Board who decides the policies of the Association, and staff who put those policies into practice.

Click on the links below to find out important information about your home and the services that WHHA provide.  If you would like your new Residents' Handbook sent to you in hard copy format, please let us know.  Email: enquiries@whitehorsehousing.co.uk

Welcome to your home

Welcome to your home

Tenancy matters

Out of hours

How to make a complaint

Council Tax

Assured Tenancies - Grounds for possession

Tenant involvement

Getting involved

Tenant information & consultation

Questionnaire satisfaction levels


Being a good neighbour

Helping you deal with problems with your neighbours



Explaining service charges

Rent payment options

Budgetary leaflet

How we deal with rent arrears & eviction

Unpaid rent - how to avoid court action

Court procedures



A Guide to Benefits

Repairs, Improvements & Home Safety

How to deal with Repairs and Maintenance Issues

How you may make Improvements to your Home

Kitchen Refurbishment

Bathroom Refurbishment

Home Loss and Disturbance Payment

Sewer and Drain for our Tenants

A question of Condensation

Safety in the home

Gas Safety check and Service

Smoke alarms guidance notes

WHHA Painting Guides


Pest Control

Handyman Service

Saving Energy

Water Saving


Moving & Exchanging Homes

A guide to applying for an Exchange

Your guide to terminating your Tenancy Agreement

A guide to applying for a WHHA property through Homes4Wiltshire

A guide to applying for a WHHA property through Swindon Homebid


Service Standards & Policies

Service Levels

Allocations Policy

Membership Policy

Data protection - a guide to your rights

Disability Adaptations Policy

Equal Opportunities for all







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