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Terminating your Tenancy Agreement with WHHA

Moving out Checklist

  • Empty all cupboards, shelves. Lofts, garden sheds.
  • Remove all furniture and personal belongings.
  • Ensure no rubbish is left in the house and garden.
  • Carry out all repairs and redecorations that are your responsibility.
  • Contact electric, water and gas companies (where applicable) to give them your meter reading. (Keep a note of reading).
  • Notify Council and water company to end your liability for Council tax and water rates.
  • If you have gas, you should arrange for a CORGI registered installer to disconnect your gas cooker and any other gas appliances you may have.
  • Ensure that the rent and all other bills connected with the property are paid up to date.
  • Make sure the property is clean and the garden is neat and tidy.
  • Make good any decoration which needs doing.
  • Return your keys to the Association.

Tenants are asked to leave the property in a good clean condition and to make good any damage caused during the tenancy. Not only that, tenants must also ensure that other responsibilities are fully discharged before they vacate their homes. Failure to carry out these obligations may result in the Association charging former tenants for work carried out on their behalf.

Giving Notice

If you wish to end your tenancy, you will need to give the Association at least four weeks’ notice in writing. If you have a joint tenancy both tenants need to sign the Notice document. All tenancies end on a Sunday. If you do not give the full notice, we will charge you a full four weeks’ rent.

Returning your Keys

You will need to return your keys to the Association by 12 noon on the Monday following the end of your tenancy. If you do not return them, you may have to pay an extra week’s rent.

Before you leave

  • Ensure the house is clean and the garden is neat and tidy.
  • If you have removed any of our fixtures and fittings on your own initiative, please reinstate them.
  • If you have made any alterations to the property with the Association’s permission, ensure that you comply with any conditions imposed before leaving the property.
  • Ensure that gas fittings, such as cookers and fires, are properly removed and the gas supply sealed off by a CORGI registered installer.
  • Ensure the property is in good decorative order.

If a tenant dies

If a tenant dies, the next of kin should notify the Association in writing and enclose a copy of the death certificate. It is possible the tenancy may pass to a joint tenant surviving spouse or close family member. Contact the office for advice. If there is no succession to the tenancy, the next of kin should give four week’s notice to the Association and ensure all the conditions relating to the termination of the tenancy are met, including debt payment, removal of personal effects, reinstatement and cleaning of property and repair of any damage. If the Association was able to re-let the property in less than four weeks, it may be possible to waive some of the notice period. Please contact the Association for further advice.

Informing others

Contact your gas and electricity companies before you leave your home to give them your meter reading. (Keep a note of the reading for your own protection.) Notify the Council and the water company to end your liability for council tax and water rates. You may want to arrange with the post office to have your mail redirected to your new address. If you have a telephone, you will need to make arrangements to close your account. Don’t forget to leave a forwarding address with the Association.

Removing your belongings

Do not leave any of your belongings behind in your house or garden when you move. You can dispose of many unwanted items quickly and efficiently, eg at a garage or car boot sale, by giving them to a charity shop or by taking rubbish to the local waste disposal dump.

Dispose of your rubbish properly or we will have to charge you for having it removed.

The Association will assume that any items left in the property after the keys have been handed in are no longer required. Do not forget to empty cupboards, lofts and sheds! We will dispose of any items you leave and we will charge you with the cost of their removal.

Cleaning up

You should leave the property as you would expect to find it on moving in. Fixtures should be left clean and in good condition. Hard surfaces should be swept or cleaned and the kitchen and bathroom should be left in a clean, hygienic condition. The garden, including any sheds, should also be left in a neat and tidy state.

Paying what you owe

Before leaving you should ensure that all charges associated with the property are met. This includes rent and service charges, outstanding council tax, water, gas, electricity and telephone charges. The Association will go to court to recover a debt if you do not pay it. We will also charge you if you do not carry out any repairs that we ask you to make to the property before you leave.

End of tenancy Inspection

The Association will carry out a thorough inspection of the property at the end of the tenancy. After we have inspected the property, we may ask you to make repairs or make good decoration. If these are not done, the Association may charge you for the work once you have left.

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