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New Emergency repairs out of hours call:07964 034354

Repairs and Maintenance

For any queries regarding maintenance or repairs on your property, please contact 01380 850916.

How to deal with Repairs

Requests for repairs must be made to the Association.

All urgent requests (P1 orders) should be made by telephone.  Please give the most accurate and complete information possible and remember to include your name, address and a contact telephone number.

If you require an Emergency Repair  -  Outside of Office hours, please contact the number below:-

This number is for White Horse Housing tenants only


Emergency out of hours

Please call 3 Solutions on 07964 034354


You will need to identify yourself as a tenant of White Horse Housing Association.

White Horse Housing Code of Conduct for Contractors

Our Code of Conduct for Contractors, to be followed at all times by anyone working in your home on our behalf will:

  • Always introduce themselves and show their identity card
  • Always be clean and tidy and wear their uniform (if provided)
  • Keep you safe - keep themselves safe - keep your property secure
  • Minimise disruption to you and your family
  • Respect the needs of vulnerable people
  • Respect the way you live your life
  • Show concern and be understanding
  • Listen to you and respond to your requests appropriately
  • Be confidential and not gossip
  • Not use bad language or use rowdy speech
  • Not smoke in your home or on your property
  • Always be polite and courteous
  • Tell you why they are there and what they are going to be doing
  • Explain to you if they need to move your property and possessions and agree the condition beforehand and put it back the way it was afterwards
  • Keep the work area clean and tidy at all times and work safely
  • Reconnect and test any services before they leave
  • Report any accident or damage so it can be dealt with properly
  • Will park and use their vehicle safely at all times
  • Not comment on Association policy or other issues
  • Tell us if there are problems or concerns
  • Always ask permission to use your toilet facilities
  • Make sure they leave your facilities clean after use

This is the minimum level of good conduct we expect at all times for you, our tenants.  A particular contractor may have their own code of conduct that exceeds this one.

You should be aware that repair workers can refuse to work in homes where they feel their health, safety or professional position is at risk.  This includes, from the 1st July 2007, anyone smoking in the area where they are working. 

If you don't know or are unsure about anyone claiming to be doing work for WHHA, please call the office immediately on 01380 850916 and we will deal with our concerns.


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