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Helping you deal with Problem Neighbours

Neighbour Problems

White Horse Housing Association wants their residents to live in peace and security. This information explains what you should do if you are experiencing nuisance or anti-social behaviour.

Under your tenancy agreement, tenants are responsible for their own behaviour, the behaviour of all members of the household (including children) and also any visitors.

The tenancy agreement explains what each tenants responsibilities are. In order not to breach your tenancy agreement there are steps that you can take.

  • Keep your pets under control - remember some people are frightened of animals.
  • Dispose of your rubbish properly.
  • Loud music or noise is not permitted and could result in equipment being confiscated, or a fine.
  • Abusive and threatening behaviour is a crime - is it worth risking prosecution?
  • Keep your garden tidy.
  • Do not park caravans, or large commercial vehicles in developments.
  • Do not allow your children to play near to or on front of your neighbours property.
  • Do not park untaxed, uninsured vehicles within the development.

WHHA could share information with councils and police about criminal and anti-social behaviour. Where crimes are committed by tenants, their children or visitors, this could result not only in prosecution but also losing your home.

Dealing with problems yourself

What upsets you may not upset someone else and vice versa.

WHHAs policy is that you approach the person in a calm and reasoned manner and explain how the problem is affecting you.

Should this fail to resolve the matter, you should contact the Association. The Officer can discuss the matter with you and go through possible remedies. These may involve visiting or writing to the perpetrator.

If you have a genuine reason for not wanting to speak to the person yourself, for example if you fear violence, you should contact the Association or the Police, if appropriate.

Often this is the end of the matter. However, should serious noise or nuisance continue, we may decide to take further action. If this is the case, we are likely to contact you for further evidence.

You could also be asked to keep a log of incidents—although this is repetitive it is important, as we would need accurate information to prove there is an ongoing and serious problem in order to take further action.

If the complaint involves a criminal offence that has been committed e.g. criminal damage, this matter should be reported to the Police. We may not be able to carry out a repair caused by criminal damage without a crime reference number from the Police.

Please remember that if the complaint does not breach the terms and conditions of the tenancy we will not be able to assist you, but may be able to offer some advice.

Other points to consider

  • Being neighbourly depends on mutual tolerance, realistic expectations, and people being considerate towards each other. WHHA, as a landlord, cannot force people to get on with each other, but the Association is prepared to pay for mediation where we think this may help if both parties are happy to do so.
  • It is very expensive to take legal action, and all tenants share this expenditure as part of their rent.



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