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Couple loving village life in their first home together

New Tenants

Pictured: Ali Sen and Romany Cooper outside their part-ownership home in Kilmersdon

IT was while out on a walk that Romany Cooper and Ali Sen came across a building site that was to become their dream home – a smart new three bedroom house in Kilmersdon from White Horse Housing Association.

Romany, 23, and Ali, 22, had been together for three years and were planning to move in together but were struggling to find anywhere they could afford that kept them near family, friends and their work.

“We knew we wanted to buy somewhere together,” says Ali, who grew up in the village. “We didn't want to have to rent because being young it's hard to get out of the trap of renting. We decided we’d be better off paying into a mortgage straight away.”

With the mortgage they could afford they were looking at either a tiny flat or a homes on a vast estate much further away in Frome or even Bristol. But the two new homes being built in Hoares Lane by White Horse Housing Association, and offered for part-ownership, were the perfect solution.

“It was ideal for us because the market at the moment is so high,” says Ali. “We thought that there's no better opportunity because we'd get to live in such a nice house. It works out so we own 60 per cent of the property and we rent 40 per cent, but there is the option to buy the other 40 per cent eventually.”

After applying for the house the couple faced an anxious wait to see if they had been accepted. “We really wanted it to happen because we like the village and although we hadn’t been looking that long, once it was an option we didn't want to go back,” says Romany. “We knew we'd never have been able to buy a house here otherwise.”

Ali, who is a roofer, and Romany, who works in admin for an education trust, finally got the news the house was theirs via a phone call at work. “We were so happy, I think we’d thought it was all too good to be true,” says Romany.

Ali, who plays football for Brislington in the Western League, adds: “I was over the moon to be still in the village where I grew up.”

The couple have been welcomed by neighbours and were delighted to be invited to a barbecue, despite the February weather. “It was actually quite sunny and everyone came so it was lovely to meet them all,” says Romany.

Romany rides in her spare time and appreciates the opportunity to enjoy the country life. “I love it and I love the village and the quiet,” she says. “I lived in Midsomer Norton and Westfield so I do like the area.

“The house is just right for us and there is plenty of space. We both think we are very lucky to be here and to be close to family, friends and our jobs.”

Ali, who used to work in construction, adds: “We’ve got lovely views over the back across the fields and the house is well designed. I came in had a look when it was being built and I was really happy with the way it was going, so I think they're a good developer.

“We obviously know we have to make a bit of sacrifices in terms of money to be here. All our friends are going out and going on holidays, but when we are 30, 35 or 40 we'll be thankful.”

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