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Gossip Groups Update


Six Gossip Groups were held between October 2010 and August 2011.

The theme of each Gossip Group was identical with the following areas being discussed.

  • Tenant Involvement & Empowerment
  • Home - Repairs & Maintenance
  • Tenancy - Rents & Allocations
  • Neighbourhood & Community - Neighbourhood Management & Anti-Social Behaviour

In all, 35 tenants attended the events out of the 125 households from 14 different developments who were invited. This represents a 28% response rate.

Many actions have been taken that progresses the suggestions put forward at the six meetings. Tenants really appreciated being given the time to talk to staff face to face and all said they would like to continue with the Gossip Groups in the future.

There are still many tenants on the remaining developments who have not yet been invited to a Gossip Group. Therefore it is intended to run this type of consultation on a regular basis on in to the future. Tenants have advised that they prefer to come out to events like this in the spring and summer months and it is therefore intended to run six Gossip Groups next year, one per month in March, April, May, June, July and September 2012.

So please if you receive an invitation next year, do consider coming along.



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