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Board Members

The Board of the Association has ultimate responsibility for the leadership, strategic direction and governance of the organisation. It sets the values, vision, mission and objectives of the Association, working closely with the Chief Executive to ensure that the organisation in successful.

Board Members live locally and come from a variety of backgrounds.  They bring a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge to our discussions.  They are all passionate about providing high quality homes and contributing to the sustainability of villages and communities.  Board Members are elected by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board formally meets six times a year.  It also has an Audit and Risk Committee and a Remuneration and Governance Committee that oversee these areas in more detail.  The Association has largely adopted the National Housing Federation's Code "Excellence in Governance" and is committed to maintaining high standards for the Association.

The Board is committed to being open and accountable in its work.  An Openness and Accountability Policy has been adopted so that residents, employees and the wider community can be aware of how the Association works and makes decisions. A copy of the policy can be accessed here Openness and Accountability Policy.

We seek to ensure that the Board is regularly renewed so the current Chair, David Trethewey, is always interested to hear from anyone who feels that they could make a useful contribution as a Board Member.  He can be contacted through the WHHA office.

Becoming a WHHA Board Member

If you would like to apply to become a Board Member, we would welcome your application.  For more information, please go to "Becoming a WHHA Board Member".

Register of Members Interests - 2024

Annette Foster
Board Member
David Trethewey
Chair of the Board
Kevin Fairman
Board Member
Richard Kitson
Board Member
David Moreland
Board Member
Jon Brown
Chair of Audit & Risk
Michelle Thomas
Vice Chair of the Board
Susan Dicks
Chair of Remuneration & Governance
Brian Nagel
Board Member
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